The garden

3,500 m2 of garden is a lot to cultivate and we have many areas still to complete. We both love the garden and Linda spends many hours planting, clearing and landscaping all round the terraces and the swimming pool.  She has designed the garden to be a no-water garden.

The rate of growth of the plants in this location, provided they are suited to the climate, is staggering. The osteospermum by the steps has almost taken over the bed and the rosemary grows like a tree; the ice plant will almost cover the pathway in a few months and the geraniums grow to over a metre high.

Portalucas, with their vibrant colours, will fill any gap and the carnations seem to flower all year round.

The blooms on the roses are the size of dinner plates and the range of colours, from deep red to delicate pink and white, is substantial.

To see some of the fruit in the garden click here.