The nearby hamlet of Arroyo del Cerezo

Although the postal address for Casa de Afufa is the hamlet of El Valenzuela y Llanadas, this dates back to times when all the roads through the hills were just dirt tracks and the shortest way back to the town of Iznajar was directly up the slope. This track still exists and can be driven up in a car when it is dry, otherwise a 4-wheel drive is required. It is still the shortest route back to the town.

Today, the tarmac lane from the main Salinas - Iznajar road runs down the side of the valley and links Casa de Afufa to the hamlet of Arroyo del Cerezo, which consists of 5 houses, and whose sign is about 400 metres before you reach the house.


The hamlet of the "Stream of the Cherry Tree" is located within the scattered hamlets south of Iznajar, next to the stream which gives it its name, and is formed by a small group of houses which represent a clear symbol of the traditional Spanish house.

Water is a constant in the establishment of the settlements around Iznajar. This stream mainly originates from the source of the river Genil, high in the sandy hills, and offers a strategic position to many of the surrounding hamlets which are similarly close to other smaller, affluent fluvial channels, like El Rio de la Hoz (The River of the Sickle), or the streams Solerche, Priego, Saucedilla, Adelantado, Gata, Cerezo and others.